• Company presentation

    Established in 1990, Filopa based its policy on knowledge, trust and quality. From the beginning, we seek to understand profoundly the market and the products we deal with, and to build confidence based on the fulfillment of guaranteed conditions on product quality and the service quality that we provide before, during, and after the sales. This stance gives us great prestige and a prominent place in the sector. Filopa has represented a wide range of carefully selected companies. In return, Filopa guarantees the highest level of representation in Portugal, supported by its partnership with the largest distributor in the country. This fact increases the confidence in us which Portuguese clients need in order to make purchase decisions, because they know they can rely on:

    › Carefully selected and tested producers.

    › Best Price/Quality Ratio, yarns from all suppliers are tested in the lastest technology Physical and Chemical Laboratory.

    › Fulfillment of the delivery times. (in case of delays, replacement of ruptured stocks)

    › Fulfillment of the contracts.

    We take pride in the loyalty of our customers, which is a further proof of the quality of our work and an incentive to progress. We wish you to trust us. We will be here both in good and difficult times.